The Rocks – The Sydney Opera House

Australia’s Architectural Icon

The Sydney Opera House is as representative of Australia as the pyramids are to Egypt and the Taj Mahal to India. As one of the most recognizable structures of the modern world along with Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower, it truly is a sight to be seen.

Ahead of Its Time

The structure which rests in the Sydney Harbour began construction in 1958 and was completed 15 years later in 1973. The design for the Opera House which beat out 233 other designs from 32 countries was created by world renowned Danish architect Jorn Utzon. Ironically, his design was beyond the capabilities of engineering in 1957 and so Utzon spent the next two years reworking the design as to solve the problems of how to build the most distinguishing feature of the opera house – the “sails” of the roof.

The Sydney Opera House which welcomes approximately 4.5 million people each year is of expressionist modern design. The Opera House boasts a series of large concrete contractors near me shells that form the roof of the structure with the largest shells in the Concert Hall and the Opera Theatre. In total the Sydney Opera House covers 4.3 acres of land and is 183 metres long and 120 metres wide at its widest point. The foundation of the Opera House consists of 588 concrete piers sunken 25 metres below sea level.
Cultural Heart of Australia

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