Ultra Pure Water – Is This What Your Body Requires?

Ultra pure water seems like the ideal liquid for human consumption.Actually, this is not so. The ideal water for human consumption needs to contain natural trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium for ultimate health and vitality.Without these important trace minerals you will not survive.

Nowhere on this earth can you find ultra pure water. All water provided by nature contains natural occurring elements of trace minerals. This proves that we are not meant to have pure water but natural mineral water instead as this is available in abundant supply.

If you were to drink demineralized water for any length of time your body will become acidic rather than alkaline.This happens because demineralized water contains more hydrogen which is acidic.This causes your body to leach minerals from your teeth and bones to generate bicarbonate to neutralize the acid. ultra manifestation method

It is also known that disease can only manifest itself in an acid environment, hence the need for lots of water containing natural trace minerals to alkalize your body to prevent disease.

There is a place for ultra pure water though. It is necessary for photo development in the photography and printing industry.It is also required for certain types of laboratory work. For this reason reverse osmosis was developed over 40 years ago, to remove the natural trace minerals from water.Reverse osmosis is very effective in this process.

At the same time, there was a demand for water filtration systems to remove chlorine and impurities from tap water.Reverse osmosis marketed itself as suitable for that demand as well and still does today.They are one of the most expensive and high maintenance systems available.

Does reverse osmosis do the job? No it does not.This process uses a very fine semi permeable membrane to force the water through, filtering out the trace minerals and the impurities. You will not end up with the essential natural trace minerals that your body requires for ultimate health from reverse osmosis.

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